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Tushar Raturi

Tushar Raturi

Hey there! My name is Tushar Raturi. I was born in the northern part of India, in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and have lived most of my life there. I am a Computer Engineer and a Game  Developer by trade, currently working in the Hyper casual gaming Industry. However, I also have interests in the fields of AI, Game Engine Technology, Computer Architecture, and Spirituality. I also served in an executive position at my startup. Currently, I am part of the core team of my startup and serve as the Chief Technology Officer.

Thanks for taking the time to know more about me! I really appreciate it :)

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Binary Tantra

Binary Tantra is my mouthpiece. A place where I say things if I want those things to reach out to other people in a consolidated format. It is also where I post many tutorials (be sure to check them out ;)). The word binary is in the context of Computer Science. Tantra is a Sanskrit word for "to extend" or "to spread out"; by extension, it means "doctrine", "principle", "technique", etc. So basically Binary Tantra means "Computer Science Technique".


I would love to get in touch!

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